Last updated 2008-01-20

I decided to toss up this quick web page temporarily because I have found myself typing the same text in emails over and over. If you would like more information, please contact me using the information found on my resume. You can also view the patent as filed. The CIP (continuance in part; i.e. extention) has been filed and is now published as well.

Here's a summary of design advantages:

This System Diagram illustrates an example configuration of the more gernalized patent, while the block diagrams below illustrate some extentions I have filed recently.

A block diagram of the patented system. The mechanical generator is mostly likely to be a Stirling Engine.

An extension has been filed where a thermopile is used in place of a mechanical generator in a simple modification of the original design.

Another configuration of the filed extension has the thermopile with a flow controller connected to multiple thermal sources used for heating and/or cooling of the hot and cold nodes of the thermopile.

Finally, this one is the same as figure 6, except we have switched back to the mechanical generator (Stirling engine).